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A vendor is any person or company offering goods or services for sale at or from an RRRC event (Training Days, Hunt Test, etc.)


  • Request permission from the RRRC Board of Directors a minimum of 14 days prior to the event via submittal of the below form to the club secretary.

  • Request must provide a description of goods and/or services along with prices.

  • Sign all waivers and comply with all directions provided by event coordinator or his/her representatives during the event.

  • Check in with event coordinator upon arrival each day to receive any directions and coordinate activities.

  • Donate a minimum of 10% of all sales or provide gifts in the form of goods or services to RRRC.

  • Provide a report of all sales to the RRRC club secretary, along with required donation, no more than 30 days after the event.

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