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When we show up for Training Day we should know what WE want out of it.  Are we Training or are we Testing.  If we are training we are going to use the day to take something that we have taught and hopefully get a correction for poor performance or give a reward/praise for good performance.  The training day provides a sundry of factors that we are not able to get in our normal training environment.  If we are Testing we are going to treat the day like a real hunt test and not use any training tools which are not available to us at a Hunt Test.   Both roles are acceptable and you can start the day with the intentions of doing one, then change to the other based on your results.

Being fair to the dog, the dog should be taught the expected behavior and only be given a correction for poor performance when you are sure that they know what is desired and have chosen to ignore the command or they just aren't trying.

What we should NOT be doing at training day is Teaching new commands or concepts.  It is best to teach your dog in a controlled/familiar environment with little/no distractions.  Not an environment with a myriad of both known and unknown distractions like a training day.  Given this you really should not be trying anything new at a training day.  We want to teach the command/concept in a controlled environment adding distance and duration and only after that add the distractions of a training day environment.

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