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Legacy Member, Penny Geddes


Penny became involved in RRRC in early 1997.


Her son-in-law Mike Hinton (also a Legacy Member) was an avid duck hunter and member of Ducks Unlimited. He wanted to purchase a Flat-Coated Retriever puppy to train to hunt, however his wife was allergic to dogs. He approached Penny with the idea that they could co-own the puppy and the puppy would live with Penny.


Penny had no interest in duck hunting or retriever training, however, she did have an interest in obedience training. She agreed to co-own the puppy with her son-in-law thinking that he would do the field training and she would do the obedience training.


Wes Werling (also a Legacy Member) told Mike about this new retriever club that was being formed. At that time Rappahannock River Retriever Club was a NAHRA club (North American Hunting Retriever Association).


When the puppy became old enough to begin training, Mike’s daughter became a member of a traveling soccer team. That was the end of Mike’s weekend training so Penny took over both the field and obedience training of not only the Flat-Coat (Magic) but also a Golden Retriever puppy of her own breeding (Hope). Penny and her dogs trained with the newly formed club and Penny was among its very first members.


Penny did earn beginning titles on both dogs in multiple hunt test venues. Her Flat-Coated Retriever earned a JH (AKC), SR (NAHRA) and a WC (Golden Retriever Club of America). Her Golden Retriever earned a JH, SR and a WCX.

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