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Your Dog's Weight

We see way too many unfit dogs show up at training days and telling someone that their dog is overweight often isn't taken as constructive criticism.  We need to remember that our dogs are not what our neighborhood veterinarian is used to seeing in their office every day.  They are athletes and we are asking them to perform strenuous exercise in not always the best conditions (heat/cold.)  Because of this it is important that WE keep our pet fit and healthy.  Asking our overweight dog to perform multiple retrieves in 90+ degree temperatures is not fair to the dog and in some cases irresponsible.

Please review the below chart and know that YOU can easily reduce your dogs weight with an appropriate weight-reduction diet or by simply eliminating treats/table scraps and replacing some of their daily food intake with no salt added green beans. Veterinarians or specialist veterinary nutritionists can help structure an individual plan for your dog. 

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