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4 Rules Of Gun Safety

Treat Every Gun As If It Were Loaded

Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Beyond

Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until You Are Ready To Shoot

Never Point A Gun At Anything You Don't Want To Shoot

  • ALWAYS follow the 4 Rules Of Gun Safety when handling ANY gun, including popper and line guns

  • Per AKC rules, flyer shooters must be 21 years old.

  • Popper guns should NOT be loaded UNTIL the line calls "Guns Up"

  • Per AKC rules you must be 16 years old to operate a popper gun

    • If under 21 you must have passed a hunter or gun safety course

  • ONLY use/load a popper gun when it is in a popper stand.

  • NEVER walk in front of a loaded winger.

  • Hearing protection must be worn in all popper or flyer stations.

  • Shady Grove is a Hunting Preserve, stay with your assigned group

  • If you need to leave your work location, or relieve another worker in the field, coordinate your movement with the line

  • If you are assigned a job which you feel your are unable to do safely let the line know immediately

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