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Training Day Rules and Guidelines

The goal here is to provide a short list of rules and guidelines that we can easily all stay within.  A rule MUST be followed where a guideline should be followed but we understand that there may be exceptions.



  1. Maximum of 3 dogs per person per setup - you can bring more than 3 dogs but you can only run 3 dogs in each setup

  2. Only minor modifications of the training setup are permitted

  3. Only the dog running and the dog honoring are permitted at the line.  Keep your dog under control and limit dog interaction to only dogs you are familiar with.  If your dog is reactive please limit its exposure to other dogs.

  4. You MUST remain with your assigned group.  Training alone is NOT permitted.  When your group breaks for lunch, you must break for lunch.  

  5. Children must be under parental/adult supervision at ALL times.

  6. Drive and park ONLY in the designated areas. Do not drive into the fields (no matter what you see others doing.)

Shady Grove Letter To RRRC Members - REQUIRED READING


  1. Show up in time to sign-in, air your dog and help out with setup.

  2. Make sure that you do your fair share and work in the field.  We try to run 5 dogs and then swap out workers.  After you run your dog you need to get back to the line and let the marshal know that you are available to go out in the field.  The people in the field appreciate the relief and you will appreciate the same courtesy.

  3. There is plenty to do at the end of the day.  Please stay around to help put equipment away and wrap birds.

Everyone is required to work.  Everyone should work in the field for AT LEAST 5 dogs in each setup.  If you have multiple dogs and are not able to run all your dogs and work in each setup please refrain from running all your dogs in both setups.  If you need to leave early and you don't have time to run your dog and work then don't run your dog.  If you are physically not able to work please make that clear when you register so that we can plan accordingly.  If you are able to work and it is determined that you do not work, or avoid working (have to be told to work), you will be asked to not come to future training days.

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